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Explore Healing through the Southeast-Asian Art of Massage

For centuries, the art of massage has been practiced all over the world, but when it comes to healing through relaxation, circulation and stress-reducing techniques, Thai massage and reflexology have both found popularity in the US for both its healing properties and local availability of genuine practitioners.


Those who have experienced the traditional combination of a Thai-style massage—the yoga-style stretching, and it’s work on pressure points and energy meridians—know that it’s one that helps to invigorate, relax and balance the body for better mood and sleep quality. It’s become very popular in the US because of its ability to relieve stress, aches, pain, and tension, as well as promote healing.

Reflexology has been found to be practiced in the cultural history of China as well as the African country of Egypt. It’s an alternative ‘medicine’ that is practiced by applying pressure to the hands and the feet with specific techniques using the thumb, fingers and hands (without the need for lotion or oils).

It’s considered a healing art by many, and is based on the belief that zones on the body correspond with reflexes and zones in the ears, hands, and the feet. As mentioned, the art has been sought by many for its use in relieving tension and stress, as well as for helping with circulation and natural body functions in the trigger areas.