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Austin Dishes Four Courses of Peruvian Independence This Week

On the evening of Thursday, July 28th, Austin’s travel enthusiasts will join MezzeCulture and Executive Chef Julio-Cesar Florez Zaplana of downtown Austin’s Tapas bar and restaurant Malaga, for an exclusive 4-Course Spanish-Peruvian Chef’s Dinner at 7:00 pm to explore Peruvian cuisine, and in celebration of Peruvian Independence Day.


This all-inclusive dinner is Austin’s ticket to discover in its backyard why Peru is the gastronomic capital of the Americas and has been the number one culinary destination in the world for the past 5 years.

Guests will experience how the last 500 years since Peru’s independence from the Spanish Empire have influenced it’s food culture, but also how the ingredients and distinct flavors in Peru’s capital Lima have shaped its culinary style, as a seaside city and the only country capital on the coast in all of South America.


“The menu is inspired by my own experiences as a kid growing up in Lima, Peru. Lima was the viceroyalty of the Spanish empire in the 1500’s and it was referred to as ‘the city of kings,’ and each dish on the menu has direct Spanish influences whether its from ingredient or preparation,” Chef Julio shared with us.

Travel and culture enthusiasts in Austin will experience quintessential aspects of Peruvian culture through the dishes Chef Julio will present, offering a small taste of Peru’s expansive gastronomy.


“Not only is Peru influenced by Spain, but also it’s indigenous population [pre-incan as well as Incan cultures], African, Chinese, Japanese, and Italian cultures. All of these influences were taken and mixed to form a creole culture ‘criolla’,” Chef Julio explained.

The exclusive four-course menu features fresh ceviche and fried calamari, gulf shrimp and a pulled chicken dish, as well as a decadent custard dessert, and 3 drinks will be demonstrated to accompany the meal. If you love to explore, you ought to know that Austin does not have a lot of places to experience Peruvian cuisine, so you don’t want to miss this!

Your $60 ticket includes:

  • 4-course meal guided by Chef Julio
  • 3 signature Peruvian drinks: 2 cocktails and a beer upon arrival
  • Tax and gratuity

RSVP and book your ticket now by Wednesday, July 27th.