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A Stop in to Experience the Filipino Flavors of Austin’s Filipino Asian Mart

Halo Halo Filipino Dessert Austin

Crazy desserts really catch my attention… well, honestly most desserts catch my attention. After scrolling through Yelp, like I sometimes do when bored, I get quite giddy when I see something new and exciting. This time, it was Halo Halo (pronounced Hahlo-Hahlo), a staple Filipino dessert.

In a small shopping strip hidden in south Austin, I found Filipino Asian Mart. Part Asian market; part catering, and part restaurant, this narrow little joint was filled with authenticity. After stumbling in on a random Tuesday evening, I was greeted by the friendly owner, Marlon Alalay and his General Manager Jeric Agpawa. Originally from Houston, Alalay came to Austin to attend UT, and like most people here, never left. After a friend of his opened up a shop, he offered to help out. When his friend ended up moving away, Alalay was left with what has now been Filipino Asian Mart for the past 7 years.

Alalay and Agpawa
Owner, Marlon, and the market’s general manager, Jeric
Filipino Asian Food Mart Austin
Filipino Asian Food Mart Interior | Facebook
Owner, Marlon Alalay, Filipino Asian Food Mart

As a side note, there’s nothing more exciting for my little foodie soul than finding food I can neither pronounce nor identify. Therefore, looking at the daily menu of Filipino Asian Mart left me in blissful confusion and  anticipation.

According to Alalay, they like to serve basic Filipino dishes during the week (they close at 7:00 pm), and save specialties for the weekends when a lot of the Filipino community is able to make their way over. Luckily, you can find what they’ll be serving most days through their Facebook pageFor example, on June 3rd the daily special included Kare Kare and Lechon Kawali, while on the regular menu you could find dishes like Pancit Bihon, Adobo Chicken, Sinigang Na Baboy Fried Bangus and Lumpia. For dessert, you can find Leche Flan, Puto, Biko and Suman. I’ll explain some of those a bit further.

Kare Kare, Filipino Asian Food Mart
Kare Kare, Filipino Asian Food Mart | Facebook
Filipino Asian Food Mart - Lechon Kawali
Lechon Kawali, Filipino Asian Food Mart | Facebook

On the evening I was there, I tried their Adobo chicken, which was so tender it was falling off the bone, Pancit Bihon (the noodles), Fried Bangus (which is fried fish soaked in vinegar, very good), and some rice to accompany. With everything so full of flavor, I can’t wait to head back on a weekend to try some of their specialties. They also have a variety of desserts, like Halo Halo (the most popular), Biko (sweet rice, coconut, milk and brown sugar), Suman (banana leaves wrapped around coconut milk and rice), Leche Flan, and many other tasty treats.

Biko | Filipino Asian Food Mart
Halo Halo
Halo Halo, a popular Filipino dessert
Alalay hinted at a possible food truck he’d like to expand to one day, but until then, you can visit him and some pretty unique dishes at 615 W Slaughter Ln, Ste 110 Austin, Texas, TX 78748, the only Filipino food you’ll find in south Austin. With good smells, friendly faces and authentic flavors, places like these are what make the foodie journey so amazing.

Katie Bernal, Austin Contributor

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