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6 Pretty, Popular and Delicious Indian Street Foods to Try

India is a multicultural nation known for its varied flavors. The most is Indian street food, which leaves your taste buds tingling after devouring the dish. The tangy and hot nature of the food has a way of making you ask for more.

Indian street foods varies from place to place. In some instances, the exact same dish has different interpretations in different states. This diversity is faithfully mirrored by the street food of each state. The foods can range anywhere from chaats, pav bhaaji, jalebis to dosas and a lot more!



Here are some of the popular dishes you’ll often find from street vendors:

Vada Pav

In Maharashtra, the western part of the country, the well-known Indian street food is Vada Pav. This mouthwatering food is made up of vegetable cutlet produced from potatoes, which is deep fried and seasoned with various masalas. Afterwards, it is sandwiched between two buns and served with buns.


This street food is very popular in the south of India. It’s formed like a crepe, made of rice flour, and is served with tomato or coconut chutney. A steaming hot curry called sambar also accompanies this south Indian dish.

There’s also a unique variety called Masala Dosa, which is a crepe packed with a mixture of mashed potatoes. This is the staple food in Tamil Nadu and it’s normally served for breakfast. Dosas have their own unique flavor and you can have them on the streets of India without any care in the world.


Chaat is the mainstay of Indian street food. It is made up of family of dishes that are gathered together in different proportions, instead of being cooked to detail. Chaat is made from an assortment of ingredients like puffed rice, roasted lentils, flattened chips made from wheat flour, deep fried, hot noodles made from gram flour, potato patties and round, thin, hollow, crispy spheres that are full of salads and dunked in a tangy liquid. The two most essential ingredients in chaat are the green chutney called Theehka chutney and the brownish chutney called Meetha chutney. Theekha chutney is made from fresh cilantro, cumin seeds, green chillies and lemon juice, while the Meetha Chutney is made from jaggery and tamarind extract and rock salt.

Chaat is usually tangy and spicy, but you can ask the ‘chaatwalla”, as the chaat seller is called, to lower down the spice. All-in-all, it’s a great Indian street food to try out!


The samosa is a well-known Indian street food that can be found on almost every street of India. It’s a deep fried pastry stuffed with a mixture of peas, potatoes and vegetables and served with tangy or pudhina tomato chutney. This is normally had as a snack with tea.

Paani Puri

Paani Puri can leave your mouth watering, with the tangy water from the puri streaming down the sides of your mouth. This Indian food includes round and hollow spheres of rice flour which are stuffed with a mixture of potato and chickpeas. This is afterwards filled with sweet water and accompanied by tangy spicy water and it’s swallowed after just a single bite.

Pav Bhaaji

This is a very versatile dish in the streets of India. The pav is boiled with blocks of butter and then served with a hot flavorsome dish that is oftentimes a heavy vegetable curry. This Indian Street food also has its origins in Maharashtra, and started out as food for factory workers.

These are just some of the popular Indian street foods you can try out. One good thing about Indian street foods is that you don’t need to look for a restaurant to get the best taste of Indian foods. All you have to do is pick a street food vendor on any street you are and immerse yourself in the world of Indian street cuisines!