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Greenwich Village’s Rahi Delights Guests with India’s Unfamiliar Regional Dishes

If you find yourself perusing the streets of NYC’s quaint Greenwich Village and the aroma of Indian spices hits you, then you might be close to discovering Rahi—step inside this artisanal Indian restaurant for a local taste of lesser-known, quintessential regional dishes from across India.

Led by Executive Chef Chintan Pandya, the eatery features local New York produce in its recipes which pay homage to cuisine that is reminiscent of his childhood growing up in India. At Rahi, guests can experience the tastes of the country in an authentic yet modern setting.

Stop inside this upscale spot sometime soon to experience one of three new winter dishes, including the savory, flakey Achari Paneer Tart featured above. This is a twist on a favorite Indian tea time snack filled with paneer and topped with squash drizzled with a berry compote.

Rahi_NYC Indian Food_Kashmiri Lamb Ribs

Kashmiri Lamb Ribs, above, are braised in milk that is seasoned with spices native to Kashmir, including cumin, bay leaves, black cardamom, and fennel seeds along with red chili powder and turmeric. Chef then thickens the broth with yogurt, known as “yakhni curry”, native to Pakistan, and adds Sichuan peppercorns for their unique flavor profile of heat and menthol, and serves the lamb in the gravy topped with crispy potato strips.

Rahi Indian Restaurant in NYC - Nargisi Kofta Dhoki

The Nargisi Kofta Dhokli is another new dish on the winter menu, made with a delightful egg yolk and ricotta ravioli served over chicken keema and topped with garam masala spices.

Rahi is located at 60 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10011.