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Icon German’s Soup Opens in NYC and Pays Tribute to its Guyanese Heritage

Guyana’s iconic 58-year old German’s Soup opened its first U.S. location on May 15th, a small restaurant and take-out at 793 Utica Avenue in Brooklyn. The original restaurant in Guyana is one of the country’s most popular dining spots, serving a range of soups from closely guarded family recipes to classic Creole dishes that highlight the diversity of the country’s population with influences from Africa, the Caribbean, India and China.

Opened by Sons of Guyana Native

German’s Soup NYC’s opening is spearheaded by Clinton Urling and Hubert Urling Jr., the sons of founder, the late Hubert “German” Urling Sr., who opened the first restaurant in Guyana’s capital of Georgetown in 1960 – it quickly became the go-to spot for everyone from local workers to the country’s political elite. When ex-pat Guyanese return home for holidays, they always stop at German’s, which gave Hubert’s sons the idea to open in Brooklyn. The New York opening will be the first U.S. outlet for the company.

Handed-down Creole Recipes

The Creole recipes are all handed down from Clinton’s father. The nourishing soups are based on slow cooked yellow split peas and loaded with meat, plantains, corn and more, making them heartier than broth-based soups and offering more sustenance. (Great for the morning after, too 😉 Daily soups will include the signature cow heel soup, along with oxtail, chicken, beef and vegetarian versions.

Rotating daily specials will showcase Guyanese specialties such as pepperpot, a meat stew made with cassareep (a cassava root condiment) and spices that is one of Guyana’s national dishes, along with pork or chicken curry, BBQ chicken and sides such as cookup rice (cooked with meats and herbs in coconut milk), macaroni pie, stewed okra, yucca and more.

They will also serve housemade Mauby, a fermented beverage made from the bark of the Mauby tree with sugar and spices popular all over the Caribbean.  Traditionally fermented in small batches, it’s now typically sold commercially as non-fermented soft drink or syrup to mix with water – at German’s will be made from scratch.

Go check out German’s Soup at 793 Utica Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, or online at its website here.

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