Bhatti Indian Grill NYC

NYC Bhatti Indian Grill Debuts Adventurous New Design and Menu

For Bhatti Indian Grill’s 10th anniversary, Gaurav Anand wanted the restaurant that set him on a successful restaurant career to get a sexier new look, more elevated menu and an adventurous beverage program, befitting the next decade. Being one of NYC’s preeminent Indian chefs and restaurateurs, Gaurav, of Awadh and Moti Mahal Delux, has completely revamped and renovated his first restaurant.

Bhatti Indian Grill Bhunney Aloo Ke Kulhey | Photo by Lily Brown

Perennially packed and attracting celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Food Network’s Duff Goldman, Bhatti became a popular dining destination due to its delicious, boldly-flavored food, especially kebabs, which always stood out among the generic menus of its Curry Hill neighbors.

Bhatti Indian Grill NYC
Bhatti Indian Grill interior | Photo by Lily Brown
Bhatti Indian Grill NYC
Bhatti Indian Grill Anjeer Malai Kofta | Photo by Lily Brown

To amp up the menu, Gaurav has collaborated with Chef Manoj Goel who worked for Taj Hotels and helmed Varq in New Delhi, which was rated one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. When it opened in 2009, Bhatti was the first NYC restaurant to focus on India’s kebab culture and the updated menu by Gaurav and Manoj will feature 21 kebas.

Some of the new items include:

  • The extra-spicy Bullet Kebab made with ghost chilies
  • Rajma Ki Galouti, a vegetarian (red bean) version of the famous Galouti kebab
  • Bhunney Aloo Ke Kulhey cheese-stuffed grilled potatoes
  • Kasondi Shrimp with mustard and curry leaf.
  • Large dishes include Aleppy Fish Curry, fish of the day simmered in coconut with curry leaves, green chilies and lime juice
  • Anjeer Malai Kofta, traditional Punjabi fig and mixed vegetable dumplings scented with rosewater that are often enjoyed on holidays
  • Meat Martaban, a slow cooked pickle-flavored lamb dish
  • Bhuna Gosht, goat meat cooked on the bone with garlic and ginger
  • Nizami Nalli, lamb shanks simmered in lamb stock with aromatic spices.

And now loyal followers and curious foodies alike will be surprised and delighted by the stylish new design with elegant black and gold accents, even bolder food, and an adventurous all natural wine list.

Bhatti Indian Grill NYC
Bhatti Indian Grill dumplings, butter chicken and white wine | Photo by Lily Brown
Bhatti Indian Grill Alleppey Fish Curry and wine | Photo by Lily Brown

In fact, Bhatti is the first Indian restaurant to have an all-natural wine list, curated by consulting natural wine sommelier Doreen Winkler (Aska, Aldea, Sel Rrose). Each wine on the all-European list has been chosen to balance the complex flavors and spicing of Bhatti’s food.

Natural wine menu highlights include:

  • Meinklang “Foam” Orange, a skin-contact lightly sparkling Pinot Gris from Burgenland, Austria
  • Creamy white Jean Perrier Cuvee Gastronomie made with the local Jacquere grape in Savoie, France;
  • An easy-drinking Italian rose and a Spanish tempranillo with blackberry and tobacco notes.

Bhatti fans familiar with the restaurant’s generous wine BYO policy will be happy to know that it will stay in place at just $5 per bottle (limit to 2 bottles or for larger parties 1 bottle per couple).

Bhatti Indian Grill NYC
Bhatti Indian Grill ​Alleppey fish curry | Photo by Lily Brown

Gaurav enlisted a premier design company, one of India’s best chefs and an up-and-coming sommelier to help him make Bhatti more exciting than ever. Crews worked round the clock to complete the renovation in just 3 days!

Bhatti Indian Grill NYC
Bhatti Indian Grill Exterior | Photo by Lily Brown

Design House Décor, a luxury event company founded by Azizan and Nauman Ali, was enlisted for the renovation and it is their first restaurant project. The intimate 40 seat space features all new furniture and an interior design that melds the modern and traditional with gold, black and pops ofgrey throughout the jewel-box like space.

Bhatti Indian Grill is located at 100 Lexington Ave., New York, NYC, 10016. For more information visit the restaurant’s website or call 212-683–4228.