Our writers share how international culture transcends borders in their backyards.

We select contributors to become ambassadors in their own city, writing about what they have learned or enjoyed about a culture through international food, drink and entertainment in their own backyard, or put to practice locally through their travels. We’re about elevating international immigrant cultures as travel inspiration, and our contributors are part of helping culture to transcend geographic barriers.

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Fatin Kwasny, Publisher & Austin Contributor

Mezze Weekly and MezzeCulture founder and owner Fatin Kwasny, together with her husband once journeyed to 13 countries and lived in 3 US states in just 5 years. As a first generation American, she is curious about everything that’s different. While traveling abroad, Fatin considered every trip an extension of the unique international experiences she sought in her everyday life. From tuning in to the local Latin radio station that transports her to Mexico, dining at a local French café in DC that takes her senses to Paris, or visiting the Austin vineyard that reminds her of Tuscany, she relishes in the history and charm of worldwide influences around her. Growing up she visited Tarpon Springs, Florida, which brought her to Greece on weekends!

Katie Bernal, Austin Contributor

Katie writes for Mezze Weekly in Austin. She has a lifelong relationship with travel after she began traveling with her grandmother and uncle at 8 years old. 25+ countries later, she’s grown a deep affection for immersing herself in anything multicultural, especially food. She believes her spirit animal is Andrew Zimmern, and will definitely try anything weird or exotic. She’s big into the Austin foodie scene, and enjoys tasting and rating the latest restaurants. You can follow her foodie journey through her food blog. Along with her love for food and travel, you’ll also find Katie taking local art classes, cooking, taking pictures, thrift shopping, working out, or hanging out with her cat, Pumpkin. Currently, she’s a sound engineer for a post production studio that works on TV, radio and film. Check out what she’s up to on her Facebook and Instagram.


Kacy Kish, DC Contributor

Kacy Kish writes for Mezze Weekly in Washington, D.C. and with our readers she shares her own international culture experiences through food, drink, while highlighting cultural events and more to check out around the DC area. Kacy also writes for her blog, Bad Sentences where you can follow her own journey through food, or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.


Elaine Clayton, DC Contributor

Elaine Clayton write for Mezze Weekly in Washington, DC. From traveling with family to living abroad and obtaining her Masters in intercultural communication, Elaine has always been passionate about cross-cultural experiences. Growing up, she was always surrounded by friends from around the world – in more than one social circle, onlookers would comment that we were “the UN”. From attending the annual Sizdah Be-dar celebration in the local park with her Iranian friends to watching Hindi movies and eating cheesy Portuguese snacks, she has always been intrigued by world views and ways of life different than her own. For more on her journey to discover new cultures, beliefs, and values while better understanding her own, visit her blog or follow her on FacebookInstagram or Snapchat: Travelaine.


Nicolette Orlemans, NYC Contributor

Nicolette Orlemans writes for Mezze Weekly in New York City. She grew up in a multicultural, bilingual home in The Netherlands to a Polish mother and a Dutch father. She is currently based in New York City, where she works as a communications strategist. When she’s not working, Nicolette loves to travel, and has visited much of Europe, seen many of the U.S. states, and traveled to Egypt. In November 2014, Nicolette founded #CultureTrav, a Twitter chat that focuses on how travelers personally experience travel – adapting to cultural differences, bridging any language gaps, creating new homes as expats, and much more. For more information, visit her website.


Interested in becoming a contributor in Austin, Houston, Miami, Washington DC, New York City, or San Francisco? Email us at